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Why Kobi Exporter

Global Trade is Easy with Kobi Exporter!

How Kobi Exporter Simplifies Global Trade?

From finding new leads to completing an international business transaction, we are changing the way this industry works. Kobi Exporter makes global trade easy for you. From finding new leads to completing an international business transaction, we are changing the way this industry works.

International Sales

Kobi Exporter makes it easy for its users to sell to new global partners, whatever their skill level. With its new potential customer and company database network, it supports the users to realize their international sales as soon as possible.

Educational Resources

If you think that you have deficiencies about Global Trade, various educational resources that you need to learn about what is happening in global trade all over the world are just a click away, at your fingertips.

Bill of Lading Database

Kobi Exporter, the most comprehensive export platform, supports you in international trade and gives you an advantage in hyper-competition with the largest bill of lading database. The current database, which is broadcast live online, is constantly updated. In addition to the current bill of lading database, you can find your competitors, the products they supply, the buyers and countries they sell to on the Kobi Exporter platform, with the export database of the past years. Thus, you know your competitors and maintain your competitive advantage.

Expert Support

Kobi Exporter provides free support to its members with expert foreign trade experts 24/7, starting from the first registration stage until they complete their international trade transactions.

Innovative Technology

Following innovative technologies closely, Kobi Exporter updates its website and mobile applications in accordance with these technologies and improves the platform by adding new features.

Blockchain Protection

Kobi Exporter is a database and foreign trade intelligence platform that provides import-export data in more than 360 sectors and more online with dynamic and live data graphics and visualizations, using blockchain and powerful artificial intelligence-based technologies.

Benefits of Using Kobi Exporter

Kobi Exporter is the most comprehensive export platform established to support SMEs who want to participate in global trade on their export path. Kobi Exporter, which supports you in all kinds of commercial transactions from potential customers and contacts to product and service promotions in Turkey and all over the world, is here for you, whether you are just starting exporting or developing your exports, with the largest database.

Kobi Exporter’ı Kullanmanın Faydaları

Reach countless global buyers worldwide

Thanks to Kobi Exporter’s large database, you can buy or sell to countless global buyers around the world. We are here to help you find the new potential customer that best fits your target audience!

Export / Import protection

For Kobi Exporter, security is the focus of the platform. Each of the users on the Kobi Exporter platform is verified, we start by verifying whether the requests and jobs they make are legitimate and up-to-date. Thus, we ensure the highest level of security for our users.

Verified profile

Kobi Exporter is extremely sensitive about security and verification processes. For this reason, Kobi Exporter experts may contact you after the completion of the membership process and request official documents and information. This will entitle you to a “Verified company badge” on your company profile page. This badge is a special promotional, networking and trust-affirming opportunity we offer our vendors and manufacturers to give their business an extra edge. Companies that want to trade with your company or request your products will recognize you more securely, and the verified company badge allows companies to contact you in less time.

24/7 Uninterrupted Support

Our Kobi Exporter expert team provides the necessary support for all kinds of foreign trade that users need after the completion of the membership phase of the users.

Total security

Kobi Exporter is our most comprehensive export platform and the documents and official documents used in every transaction are fully protected by blockchain technology, ensuring that documents and official documents are not copied, imitated or manipulated.

Professional expertise

The expert foreign trade team of Kobi Exporter helps in creating product marketing strategies in order to enable registered member companies to make sales in a shorter time, as well as store data that can be easily accessed between all parties.

Kobi Exporter’ı Kullanmanın Faydaları