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Sell Internationally with the Most Comprehensive Export Platform Kobi Exporter. Introduce your products, services and demands to buyers around the world. Expand your business contacts.

Advantages of Selling on Kobi Exporter

Kobi Exporter is changing the way businesses in Turkey make international sales. The proprietary blockchain system in our online sales portal provides your company with the safest and most comprehensive customer network to conduct global transactions, find global buyers and expand your export business.

Showcase Your Products on Our Online Trade Portal

When trading overseas, companies use Kobi Exporter to highlight all their products and services. They reach more customers by uploading details and pictures of the products they are the manufacturer or supplier of. Start exporting and importing for your company today.

Enhanced Security and Verification

Companies that become members of the Kobi Exporter platform are also included in a verification process that guarantees that you are doing business with buyers and freight forwarders. Kobi Exporter verifies the official documents of the companies while becoming a member.

Commission-Free Trade

The Kobi Exporter platform is basically a data network portal based on a promotion system. For this reason, it does not demand commission, additional income or additional fees from the buyer or seller in any way and for any reason. Kobi Exporter is a B2B marketplace and the most comprehensive customer network platform that brings international companies together with companies that want to export.

International Promotion

Our authorized customer representative will contact you as soon as possible after completing your membership process to the Kobi Exporter database platform. According to the membership type you prefer, it informs you about our promotion service in the 5 countries you want to work with your company.

Current Bill of Lading Data

Kobi Exporter is not only a live online customer networking platform but also has the most comprehensive data network. Gain an advantage in hyper-competition by accessing the past information of the companies as well as the bill of lading information of the companies that want to make current purchases, and by accessing the information of the goods they supply.

Verified Company Badge

Kobi Exporter is extremely sensitive about security and verification processes. For this reason, Kobi Exporter experts may contact you after the completion of the membership process and request official documents and information. This will entitle you to a “Verified company badge” on your company profile page. Companies that want to trade with your company or request your products will recognize you more securely, and the verified company badge allows companies to contact you in less time.

Doğrulanmış Firma Rozeti

Best B2B Website for Export and Import

The demand management feature of the Kobi Exporter platform is important for companies. With this feature, companies can create their demands, surplus products, purchase requests to find global new customers in different countries, and realize your export targets in a short time.

Your member company profile, which has the status of an individual or a company, can include your GTIP code, official website address, social media accounts, phone number, company video, picture gallery, etc. you can add a lot more information.

Since Kobi Exporter is the most comprehensive export platform, it has member companies operating in the same sector. In addition to attracting the attention of customers, you need to create brand awareness. For this reason, adding the company logo and cover image on your company profile promotion page makes you 1 step ahead of other companies.

You can add company images, corporate pictures, photos of your team to your company profile promotion page that Kobi Exporter platform offers to its member companies. Your company and team pictures are among the features that increase trust in your company.

The messaging feature on the Kobi Exporter platform is very important for member companies. You can easily track all the requests your customers have sent to your company or your products from your message box. You can perform detailed searches in your message box and respond to incoming messages instantly.

In order for Kobi Exporter member companies to rank higher in search engines, our expert editors are doing effective SEO work not only in Turkey but also around the world to introduce your company to new potential customers in organic and natural ways.

Build Your Export Business with Our Online Sales Portal

Kobi Exporter is changing the way companies grow their retail business. Our trade website can help you discover new international buyers, facilitate sales overseas and find buyers for export. Enjoy the best B2B website for export and import today!