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As you continue to use Kobi Exporter, you will feel how much we care about Security.

Are you ready for a safe shopping?

As Kobi Exporter; We use today’s most advanced technologies to ensure the safety of buyers and sellers, and we work to keep your security at the highest level with our 24/7 support team.

Safe shopping and safe trading are one of the most important principles of our company. While we provide the infrastructure that will ensure the security of the buyer customers, we also consider the commercial concerns of the sellers and act in this way.

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Your Safety Is Our Biggest Concern

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Blockchain Technology

Kobi Exporter has been developed with the principle of protecting buyers and sellers under all circumstances in order to make all international trade transactions simpler, safer and more secure.

We provide 24/7 service with our expert staff in all processes that buyers and sellers consider risky.

Buyer Security

The Kobi Exporter platform always keeps the security of the buyers at the highest level with blockchain technology. The biggest example of this; While using the Kobi Exporter website or mobile applications, you will never be asked for credit card information under any circumstances. We only provide an infrastructure for buyers and sellers to get to know each other better. As long as you act according to the official processes in the country you are in when purchasing products, we will minimize the problems that may occur together.

Apart from this, if you have security concerns with one of the companies on the Kobi Exporter platform, we can support you with different studies. Please use the contact page for all your requests.

Seller Security

As Kobi Exporter, our first goal is; Our aim is to deliver your products and services to more buyers, as well as our security support for buyers interested in your offers.

Basic information of all buyers communicating with your company are registered in the Kobi Exporter database. If you are concerned or suspect, please share with us the users.