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Manufacturer Company Membership

We Support You to Expand Your Production

You focus on expanding your production, leave it to Kobi Exporter to reach new customers

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New Customers for Manufacturers

Buyers around the world and Turkey benefit from Kobi Exporter to make wholesale purchases or continuous product purchases. You can choose Kobi Exporter’s corporate membership services to deliver the products you produce or manufacture to new customers.

Effective Promotion to Target Audience

We provide many effective marketing methods for manufacturers using the Kobi Exporter platform to reach new customers around the world.

After the completion of your company membership, your support representative will contact you as soon as possible to learn your 5 different commercial target countries from you and we carry out comprehensive advertising activities in all of these countries during your membership process.

With expert translators, your company profile, products and services are prepared in 7 different languages and introduced to customers in the most effective way.

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Nakliye Yöntemleri

Transportation Methods

At the stage of creating your company membership in Kobi Exporter, you can share the shipping methods of your products to customers in detail. Thus, buyers who are interested in your company and your products can also have detailed information about your transportation methods.

B2B Trade Requests

Depending on your corporate membership account, you can create free B2B export and import requests to buyers and sellers around the world in seconds. In this way, you can reach more buyers and do additional work for your brand awareness.

Security and Verification

Our blockchain technology secures the entire trading process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Kobi Exporter verifies the officiality of your company after your company registration process and presents it to customers in all research areas in order to introduce your company to customers in the best way and to build trust with them.

Worry less with secure trading

Producers and manufacturers working with Kobi Exporter not only reach new customers but also reach sustainable business partnerships.