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Start International Sales with Kobi Exporter, the Most Comprehensive Export Platform

Are you ready to start exporting?

Going beyond the usual sales system, Kobi Exporter provides support with its comprehensive features for companies to find new customer candidates in the field of export and import. It is a platform created for companies to find new customers in Turkey and establish connections for their trading demands.

Kobi Exporter provides you with the most comprehensive and secure data and customer network you need to carry out international sales transactions, find global buyers and expand and increase your exports with blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. Companies that want to export or actively export can send offers to international product purchase advertisements published online via the Kobi Export platform, and can easily communicate with companies located outside the country.

In order to take your place at the top of your business life, start international sales right away with the support of Kobi Exporter.

Free Membership

The Kobi Exporter platform offers corporate companies that want to export a free membership opportunity to create their first purchase and sale requests. With the free membership opportunity, you can reach the customer and data network base on the Kobi Exporter platform and bid on product purchase ads. After your free membership period has expired, you can join the Kobi Exporter platform by choosing one of our subscription packages most suitable for your company. If you want, you can check our prices page to review discounted corporate membership packages.

Comprehensive Company Profile

Kobi Exporter customer and data network platform member companies and businesses have the opportunity to introduce their company profiles to their potential customers in Turkey and around the world. All the information you will add to your company introduction page on the Kobi Exporter platform is prepared by professional translators for 7 different foreign languages, except your own.

Adding a Request

As the most comprehensive export platform, Kobi Exporter allows you to create demand in various fields. Choose one of the corporate or individual membership methods; such as buying, selling, quoting, cooperation, distributorship, etc. you can create requests in many more areas. Thanks to Kobi Exporter, you can respond to active requests as well as creating a request.

Bill of Lading Database

While the most comprehensive export platform, Kobi Exporter supports you in international trade, it also gives you an advantage in hyper-competition with the largest bill of lading database. The current database, which is broadcast live online, is updated every month. In addition to the current bill of lading database, you can find your competitors, the products they supply, the buyers and countries they sell to on the Kobi Exporter platform, with the bill of lading database of the past years. Thus, you know your competitors and maintain your competitive advantage.

Presentation in 7 Different Languages

With the multi-language option of the Kobi Exporter platform, member companies; publishes profiles and trading requests in 7 different languages. Thus, Kobi Exporter member companies can introduce themselves to international companies more easily.

Instant Messaging

Our domestic and foreign visitors who are interested in your company profile or your purchase and sale requests can send instant messages to your company or apply via the Kobi Exporter website and mobile applications.

Other Features

The demand management feature of the Kobi Exporter platform is important for companies. With this feature, companies can create their demands, surplus products, purchase requests to find global new customers in different countries, and realize your export targets in a short time.

Your member company profile, which has the status of an individual or a company, can include your GTIP code, official website address, social media accounts, phone number, company video, picture gallery, etc. you can add a lot more information.

Since Kobi Exporter is the most comprehensive export platform, it has member companies operating in the same sector. In addition to attracting the attention of customers, you need to create brand awareness. For this reason, adding the company logo and cover image on your company profile promotion page makes you 1 step ahead of other companies.

You can add company images, corporate pictures, photos of your team to your company profile promotion page that Kobi Exporter platform offers to its member companies. Your company and team pictures are among the features that increase trust in your company.

The messaging feature on the Kobi Exporter platform is very important for member companies. You can easily track all the requests your customers have sent to your company or your products from your message box. You can perform detailed searches in your message box and respond to incoming messages instantly.

In order for Kobi Exporter member companies to rank higher in search engines, our expert editors are doing effective SEO work not only in Turkey but also around the world to introduce your company to new potential customers in organic and natural ways.

What is Kobi Exporter?

Kobi Exporter is the digital B2B marketplace and the most comprehensive export platform

Kobi Exporter is a database and foreign trade intelligence platform that provides export-import data in 36 sectors and more online with dynamic and live data graphics and visualizations, using blockchain and powerful artificial intelligence-based technologies. Kobi Exporter is a digital B2B marketplace that aims to be a comprehensive international trade hub for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and their counterparts.

Kobi Exporter has a structure that attaches importance to transparency, cost-effectiveness, security and ease of use. Kobi Exporter can securely trade goods, connect and communicate with international companies with its member companies, authenticated companies and experts all over the world. Companies and businesses with high goals in the field of export can reach their export targets in a short time through Kobi Exporter. Kobi Exporter, which has the most comprehensive and widest data and customer network digitally, enables member companies to access the customer data network with different subscription offers. It removes cross-country borders for Kobi Exporter member companies with retail or wholesale high-volume product purchase advertisements.

How Does Kobi Exporter Work?

Kobi Exporter is the most comprehensive export platform and customer data network platform. Kobi Exporter provides the largest database of the countries that businesses and companies that want to import or export in every sector and want to work in the field of foreign trade. Kobi Exporter is an export database platform that brings together companies in Turkey with high volume foreign purchase demands and SMEs who want to export.

Blockchain Infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence Technology

Kobi Exporter website and mobile applications offer an artificial intelligence supported working environment to corporate companies and customers. Thus, it provides a very effective working environment in the process of establishing new collaborations and creating brand awareness.

Membership System

Kobi Exporter offers the first free trading request to companies and businesses that have just started exporting or want to make new expansions in exports. After this content, our member companies choose one of the suitable membership packages for them and easily and smoothly become a member of the Kobi Exporter platform, which is the most comprehensive export platform.

The company profile page on the Kobi Exporter platform is extremely easy to use. You can easily manage your requests and other information that you want to highlight on the company profile page. Member companies create goods purchase or sale requests, send direct messages to live online advertisements published on the Kobi Exporter platform and communicate. Thanks to the Kobi Exporter platform, it is possible for customers who want to embark on exporting or take a new path in exporting, to reach their goals as soon as possible. Affordable price guarantee and the most comprehensive export platform of verified and reliable foreign trade continues to support member companies at every stage of export with its expert team.