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Buy Global Products from Kobi Exporter

Kobi Exporter is one of the most important solution partners of manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey. We carry out all the necessary checks for you to safely purchase from member companies that want to export, that have been officially verified, and that are registered on the Kobi Exporter platform.

Sektörlere Özel İhracat Verileri

Purchasing from Manufacturers and Suppliers in Turkey

Buyers located outside of Türkiye; they prefer Kobi Exporter for their product research that is affordable, advantageous and has no shipping problems. All sellers on the Kobi Exporter platform can put their products on sale after passing comprehensive security verification checks.

You can search the product groups in more than 30 main categories and more than 200 sub-sectors, or you can explore the product stores on the company introduction pages.

Security and Verification

Kobi Exporter is Turkey’s most comprehensive import-export platform, as well as a product, trade data and company research platform. With our world-class security verification services, all companies registered in our system are subject to confidential customer testing at certain intervals. Thus, we offer you the most risk-free infrastructure in your product purchasing and company research process.

Kobi Exporter Security Level

Kobi Exporter has 3 different security levels and thus guarantees that the product purchases of global and local member businesses and companies on the platform are secure. It confirms the reliability of businesses and companies on the Kobi Exporter platform in several different ways.

Company Verification: First of all, the user in the Kobi Exporter system verifies the companies. Official documents of member companies are checked by Kobi Exporter.

Communication: Kobi Exporter cares about keeping in touch with its member companies. Our customer representatives establish regular and systematic connections with our member companies.

Active Trade Support: Providing active trade support is important for Kobi Exporter. We support global member companies to carry out all necessary checks on behalf of the member company in case they have concerns during their commercial transactions with a company located in Turkey. We continue to provide control support in case our member Turkish companies are concerned while trading with member companies abroad.

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