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Create B2B Buy and Sell Leads

Kobi Exporter makes the brokerage process simple and easy for all users! Start creating your export import requests for free.

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You must be an active user of our platform to take full advantage of the Kobi Exporter brokerage service.

Create Request

Vendors and manufacturers will showcase their products; Buyers will send product requests

Find Buyers Sellers

Users of the Kobi Exporter platform in Turkey and other countries can review your requests and communicate with you instantly.

Contact Us

You can continue your conversations with the users who respond to the requests you have created through the Kobi Exporter platform.

Advantages of B2B Platform

Let Kobi Exporter do the work for you, such as establishing business contacts in Turkey and promoting your products to foreign buyers. You just focus on your success in export.

Increase Your Market Share

Become a member of Kobi Exporter, the most comprehensive export platform, and increase your market share in Turkey and other countries. Reach your potential customers, promote your company and your products.

Save Time

Do not waste your time to find new customers from abroad. Also, avoid unnecessary expenses.

Establish Sectoral Partnerships

Companies that are members of Kobi Exporter reach only their targeted customers with the most comprehensive export database and focus on increasing their sales abroad.

Build Brand Awareness

In order to be different from your competitors in your sector, we host you to introduce your company to new customers in the most effective way.

Expand Your Global Market

Companies that are members of Kobi Exporter increase their global presence by expanding their global market with export database. Thus, member companies increase their global presence in the global market by adding new customers to their wide customer network.

New B2B Requests​

Individual and corporate users who use the Kobi Exporter platform effectively; such as buying, selling, exporting, importing, cooperating, etc. create new demands in requests areas.

Export Requests

Focus on Global Sales

Our motto: “Focus on Global Selling” is an essential part of our mission and our commitment to supporting SMEs around the world.

Focus on global sales with your products and services while increasing your product sales in the Turkish market. Become a part of our network to access major trade resource infrastructures such as e-export, B2B, Export Data.

Are you ready to start exporting!

Our foreign trade expert team; Our member companies are ready to support you in registering, adding products to the account and creating new purchase and sale requests. Member companies of Kobi Exporter benefit from our support service 24/7 free of charge.