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About us

Kobi Exporter is a database and foreign trade intelligence platform that provides export-import data in 50 main and more than 300 sub-sectors online with dynamic and live data graphics and visualizations, using blockchain and strong artificial intelligence-based technologies. Kobi Exporter serves you with its quality global trade data and detailed market research reports.

Kobi Exporter provides the largest database of the countries that businesses and companies that want to import or export in every sector and want to work in the field of foreign trade. Kobi Exporter is an export database platform that brings together companies in Turkey with high volume foreign purchase demands and SMEs who want to export.


What is Kobi Exporter?

Start your export and import journey with Kobi Exporter, with a reliable, real and complete import and export database network! Kobi Exporter updates its database every month. Kobi Exporter, which updates the data of many countries with the fastest data update feature, also varies according to the countries. Kobi Exporter, which makes the export route reliable with the bill of lading data with its reasonable price policy, offers import and export data to companies and businesses that want to export – import with a reasonable price guarantee.

Offering different subscription solutions for every sector and business from small businesses to large companies, Kobi Exporter opens the export path to you with its secure database. With Kobi Exporter, you can directly answer product purchase requests, contact reliable and real companies that have purchasing requests, and introduce your company, products and services to the countries you want to work with. With Kobi Exporter, you can reach high volume foreign goods demands and earn high profits and profits by exporting.

Why Choose Kobi Exporter?

We have many advantages and privileged features that we can offer to our users. Find out more about why Kobi Exporter is the international B2B trading platform for you!

Kobi Exporter Emphasizes Reliability

Kobi Exporter is sensitive about conducting international trade with correct and reliable companies by verifying the companies and businesses that are in the database and that advertise the purchase and sale of goods, services and products. Bill of lading data of all companies in the database are published by verifying their features such as GTIP code.

Kobi Exporter Strong Protection Feature

With Blockchain and artificial intelligence technology, Kobi Exporter rewrites the rules of foreign trade. Kobi Exporter shares its sensitive data network with foreign trade actors in a fast and secure manner. With this feature, Kobi Exporter maintains its position as the leading brand in its field. Kobi Exporter, the only reliable address for those who are ready to start exporting and importing, continues to give you the greatest support on the way of export and import.

Professional Expert Staff

Kobi Exporter collects and publishes the most sensitive accurate database and goods purchase and sale advertisement requests online on its platform, with foreign trade experts, foreign trade intelligence experts, and its professional expert staff. Thanks to the Kobi Exporter Expert Panel, SME Exporter provides the information needed by its users as a result of the collaboration between industry experts and the Kobi Exporter team.

24/7 Uninterrupted Service

Kobi Exporter service packages are within the scope of full service. After the completion of the membership phase of the users, Kobi Exporter provides the necessary support for all kinds of foreign trade that the users need.

Kobi Exporter Memberships

Our platform has been created especially with SMEs in mind. Whether you are a start-up import/export business or an established company, Kobi Exporter has everything you need to trade safely and securely with other verified businesses.

For Buyers

Companies and businesses that request goods on the Kobi Exporter platform need different products in different sectors. Foreign businesses and companies abroad that request to purchase goods from Turkey gain access to a secure trade center as well as a variety of products, an integrated shipping platform, thanks to Kobi Exporter. Foreign buyers interact with the Kobi Exporter platform and have the opportunity to purchase the goods they request from our members in our global system, as well as benefit from the support of our foreign trade experts 24/7 during international trade transactions.

For Manufacturers

The Kobi Exporter platform was created in a way that allows companies and businesses to easily add their products and services to their promotion page after the producers have completed their membership procedures. You can attract the attention of the global buyer network by creating unlimited options for your company and the products your company produces. Get support from Kobi Exporter at every stage of international trade. Design your company introduction page as you wish. Feature your products and promote your product and company to global buyer companies. Use the Kobi Exporter platform to trade securely while moving your business to new foreign markets.

For Suppliers

Thanks to Kobi Exporter, an international import-export database and B2B marketplace platform, suppliers have access to our extensive database of buyers. Suppliers already use the secure system using blockchain technology with access to the platform with their transportation and logistics solutions. As Kobi Exporter, we continue to support suppliers in every step of foreign trade.